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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boiling to Death

As in the experience of all other civilizations it can be with Pakistanis if its people do not recognize the principles for survival. If they failed to learn from history and recognize the future trends they will eventually go back into darkness from whence they came, and perish from the earth.

If you retrace your thoughts back to where there were those old civilizations, some five or six thousand years ago, the Egyptians, you will find that they were very intelligent, highly advanced but through corruption, selfishness, prejudice and moral degradation went into the debris of ancient history. Pakistan society, in this advanced civilization, is representing similar predilections, can also follow the same destiny and go back into the dark-age from whence it came.

Egyptian civilization has been forgotten. It went down, not just mentally, scientifically, intellectually, but also physically, to let us see and know that those who go down mentally and do not alter their ways also go down physically.

After the Independence, Pakistani society lost its vision, transformed into one of the corrupt nations worldwide, all the nasty crimes once akin to the West is now dominating its national life, and last but not the least each individual of Pakistan seems to be on the looting binge. Instead of contributing their role in nation building, Pakistanis started pillaging their own land. When the society is nurturing the same traits that caused extinction of Egyptian Civilization, why then its destiny would be any different?

The societies that sustain physically, mentally, and otherwise are those which undergo a series of divergences in development, much like the branching of a tree. The dynamic people are those who are responsive to issues, essentially open, fast paced, balanced, and tend to survive and prosper on a fairly reliable basis. Problems come to them, but they usually manage to work them out.

The struggling society of Pakistan, contrarily, outdoes the people in narrow areas of endeavor from time to time, and becoming more retarded in overall development as time goes by.

Outwardly, Pakistan is a developing society. But like a muscular athlete with a terminal cancer, a disease is eating it away from the inside. A well-balanced nation cannot be destroyed from the outside until it falls first from the inside.

No matter how well the society might arm itself against enemies outside its borders, it needs to primarily identify the more detrimental enemy. And this greatest enemy is none else but each member of Pakistani society, who place destructive devices inside their destructive minds, causing them to morally implode, like an imploding building.

Ever since its independence in 1947, Pakistani society has experienced a complete abandonment of its sense of good and evil. The true crisis of its time has nothing to do with monetary troubles, unemployment, or terrorism. The true crisis has to do with the fact that it has lost its way.

If you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, the frog will immediately jump out. But if you place the frog in a pot of lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat, the relaxed frog will just swim around, growing accustomed to the increasing warmth until it eventually boils to death. This is what is happening to Pakistani society and its cultural decay. It is a gradual process that slowly dulls the senses of every individual Pakistani until what was once seen as unacceptable somehow becomes acceptable.

After the death of Quaid-e-Azam, Pakistan has allowed corruption to creep into the society as a way of life. Thus, it has become desensitized to corruption and its moral judgment is impaired. Even worse, at each step along the way, it eliminated Islamic injunctions from people's lives and culture.

What will remain of civilization and history if the accumulated influence of Islam, both direct and indirect, is eradicated from literature, art, practical dealings, moral standards, and creativeness in the different activities of mind and spirit?

Consequently, a flood of immorality, corruption and violence has entered into the national life, and Pakistanis have unfortunately been recognized as a culture of death from the womb to the streets. Many of the young people of Pakistan have no concept of the true spirit of Islam and are connoting falsely to satisfy their political agendas. Hence, many are tragically engaged in dying or killing the innocents. A sense of hopelessness prevails, a feeling of fear surrounds.

Pakistani society has forgotten its true nature, divinity, because scientifically it cannot be proved! It is ignorant of true purpose of life. Values like solidarity, natural love, forbearance, compassion, generosity, and altruism do not find any place independent of an 'individual'.

The culture shows signs of degeneration into lawlessness, disease, and want on one hand, and affluence and sense gratification of wanton degree on the other. With this decline in cultural values, ethical values are also eroded. Not one particular field is afflicted with this 'virus of corruption'; all departments of human interaction show the same trend. It is difficult to find an isolated island of purity in the sea of corruption all around.

Ethics is the reflection of cultural health of the society. In course of evolution of human societies, man creates progressive cultural and moral ethos. But then a stage comes when cultural growth slows down for want of fresh ideas. Consequently ethics also remain a mere shadow of its own pervious glory. However, when matter is worshiped as supreme and privileges are sought after, ethical decline is not a surprise. The remedy lies in adding spiritual dimension to existing culture and in course evolving a new moral and ethical code for coming generations. Time is still not gone. Pakistanis can learn lessons from Egyptian civilization or else face extinction. Choice is only theirs. (